Company Profile


Our mission is to provide our learners with learning anytime & anywhere, advanced & rigorous industry-relevant programs from outstanding facilitators who themselves have extensive experience, at an affordable price.

Making money is the least of our concerns, we want to help our learners gain the skills they want & get them employed by the end of the program.


Our vision is to become an integral part of the success of every newbie’s or professional’s career who desires to learn a new skill by fuelling their ride to success with the experience of our excellent faculty and industry-oriented programs on all the latest technologies possible.

We aim at creating a great online learning experience so that we become a go-to choice for everyone who is looking to up-skill and stay relevant & updated in this ever-changing world with ever-changing demands.

Why the name "PROPATULUS" ?

Prōpatulus is a Latin word that means ‘open’ or ‘uncovered’ or ‘break’. Our name is eloquent of the intentions behind it – “Break the barriers!” We want to make skill-based education affordable for all sections of society, whether socially or financially backward and help them get jobs in the skills they are trained on. Now, money is not the biggest differentiator anymore as we would help all our candidates get loans for the already subsidised courses as compared to our competitors and help them land jobs so they could break the barriers and scale the new heights of success!

How Far WE Have Come By Now ?

As of the moment you’re reading this, we already have few functional batches of Business Development. We have also partnered with few banks for their banking, fincance & insurance courses. We have hundreds of students enrolled in our courses & we have also got few of our batches placed into some of the leading firms.

We are further planning to launch various courses for different latest technologies in upcoming days. We are in touch with some great experts in this field. We are also in talks with some tech giants, consulting & banking firms to recruit our learners after they complete the program. We want our students to have a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from.


Our employees, who we call partners, are at the heart of the Propalutus’s Experience. We offer a competitive compensation package to them and believe that they are a crucial part of our growth. Right now, we are working in a very small team and plan to expand gradually as the company grows. We aim to provide our partners with as many benefits as we can. For us – “Results do count but Employees matter the most!”