Strategies To Make The Most Out Of Online Courses You Take

Hey, I know you are planning to enroll for an online course or you have probably applied for it already. Right?

Wondering how do I know about it? Well, why would you wind up on this blog if you didn’t? I guess you are just unsure if you can take those courses with discipline or not & achieve the outcomes that you want out of it.

Well, just like life, online courses are also what you can make out of it. If you go through them religiously & in an organized disciplined manner, you can see it doing wonders, but if procrastination wraps you in it’s blanket, you may miss the goal you were trying to accomplish.

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lifestyles & it was hard but we kinda adapted to it, the same goes for our learning patterns. Since its inception, the online learning market fact suggests that by 2025, it will hit the $325 billion mark with a timeframe of over two decades. Global markets experiencing 30% annual market growth include Thailand, India, China, and the Philippines. Between the years 2020 to 2025, this market will experience a 200% increase.

You might be thinking:

“Why this sudden growth in the number of online learners?”

E-learning enhances the learners’ retention rate to 25% to 60% retention, unlike while having one-on-one tutoring, which has a retention rate of 8% to 10%. This is because one can quickly revisit what they learned, and they tend to have more control over the process.

28% of companies conduct their compliance training through online training.

80% of companies and 50% of institutional students have used an e-learning platform.

E-learning takes 40% to 60% less time for employees and students than conventional learning.

The majority of companies are shifting to e-learning. Around 42% of the institutions have experienced a rise in revenue as some costs, such as travel costs, have been significantly cut.

And not to mention, the pandemic has a lot of role to play in it!

But you might be wondering-

“Sanskar, I know all of this. I came here wanting to know how I could master the art of online learning so that I can make the best out of it!”

Well, to that I say- “A little more patience guys!”

Making the best out of online learning requires certain rules and patterns. Being a Software Engineer myself, I have learned all the skills I possess using online resources and I think online courses do have both advantages & disadvantages.

On one hand, Online learning allows you to learn whenever, wherever, and however works best for you. It makes it easier to earn a certification and now even degrees while balancing work and family commitments because now you don’t have to attend classes in person. It is affordable & the teachers you get access to are some world-class faculties having an extensive experience in the field they are tutoring. 

On the other hand,  it has its own unique challenges too, if you’re not prepared or disciplined. Moreover, if you develop skills for effective online learning, you’ll find that the courses can be an excellent alternative to a traditional classroom setting.  So finally the moment that you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Below, I share some of my tips for online learning to make your favourite mode of learning & get the outcomes you have always been willing to achieve.

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